It took me nine intense months to optimise these lowering solutions and designs and make sure not a fraction of the millimetre is further possible as drop. I gained a lot of experience with the possible room/comfort/ergonomics creating mods, which I am happy to share in short below with all fellow tall ND drivers.


                    Sum-up of the Seat Lowering Potential in a Mazda Miata ND


  • Removing the tensioners below the seat base – reversible mod, easy, quick, very limited effect.


  • Lowering of the front of the seat base - reversible, easy, quick, effective. Allows the body do *dive* more forward to create headroom.


The side bolts as shown in the video need to be removed, the tight support front frame pulled outwards (forward to the seat), the rack disconnected and assembled with the bolts. The seat front wont be adjustable anymore afterwards but will stay in a far lower position.

A word of wisdom from an automotive engineer with experience in car seats development. The body weight multiplied many times in a real accident (even only 10g results in a ton from 100kg man) tends to slip forward. The seat base front prevents the body to dive under the belt/slip forward in an accident. The long story short – I would consider this mod only in connection with considerable seat drop at the rear, which would preserve the angle rear/front.


  • - Removing the tensioning from the seat back rest - reversible, easy, quick, effective. In connection with the above mod allows the body to lean far closer to the rear (approx. 80mm), effectively giving approx. (felt) 20mm of headroom. 

The difference is big in terms of space and support.


  • Trimming the foam around the side seat back supports. Cheap, non reversible mod, effective. Allows more ergonomic fit for tall drivers. 

The foam should be very carefully trimmed only from the inside of the side pads so that the outside stays nicely shaped to the seat. This with the above mod provides sport seat like feeling.


Photos from the actual products are not shared on purpose. I would prefer to keep both designs confident for as long as possible and would appreciate your understanding and support. The reason is, literally the very first six order attempts for this product were from a company from the far east. This doesnt motivate the effort invested into the development.



  • Seat Lowering Rail adapters from Jass Performance - Travel Extension. Non reversible mod, requires guided trimming of the seat base, gives another 2.5cm travel to the seat if ordered with the Jass Performance Seat Lowering Rails.


  • Seat Back Raising kit - reversible mod, which would raise the seat by 50mm. Helps with ergonomics, side support, seat belt position, head rest/speakers position etc. Visually it raises the head rest at nearly the same as stock position. It is the holy grail for tall drivers in this case as it tailors the car seat for you. Highly recommended with the lowering kit.


All MX5/Miata Fiat Spider lowering solutions are available here.