As dedicated car enthusiasts we are happy to share our passion to cars and especially those lightweight drivers cars with other enthusiasts around the globe via Jass Performance.

Jass.performance originates from a company offering engineering solutions and services with deep roots in automotive industry. Following a passion to drive and race, the MX5 comes as natural drivers car choice. Our products are mainly inspired, designed, fabricated and tested on our cars. Rounding up the production process with high quality finish and quality assured production process, we are then happy to share them with other car enthusiasts.

Then, we always appreciate and are hoping for your input and feedback, to help us extend and improve the product variety according to your needs,

TotalMX5 magazine UK, the only worldwide MX5 dedicated magazine, dedicated in depth article about Jass Performance, we are happy to share with you in this section.

Link to first part (pdf).

Link to second part (pdf).