08 Mar / 2017 1679 0

The reinforcement brace connects the geabox/propshaft tunel at the front just below the gearbox. It is standard reinforcement on later cars (1.8 and MK2, MK2.5s). This brace is essential for the MX5 and add noticable stiffening to the chassis.

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08 Mar / 2017 2567 1

Engine (Torque) Damper for MK1 1.8 and MK1 1.6.

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24 Aug / 2018 2395 0

Stainless Steel Brushed Centre Stack Cover, known as "Tombstone" for MK1/NA MX5/Miata with custom extension for additional gauges/controls/displays.

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09 Nov / 2017 1280 0

Fresh and unique console design, combines as usual the look with functionality. The Little Devil short console is available here in gloss black finish The console goes lower and as short as possible (to integrate with the carpet). Of course it changes the OEM trapezoid opening to the better looking round one. Comes with leather gaiter, aluminium sleeve, smart fitting kit for hidden installation.
This is plain version without vintage toggle switches. The Little Devil "horns", act as ergonomic and quote comfy arm rests in the first version.

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03 May / 2019 1828 0

A more appropriate title here should be "The NC1 And The Undeserved Hatred".

Or Apples and Bannanas - just dont compare.

But please read below.

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13 Jun / 2017 1487 0

for Mazda MX5/Miata NA (MK1) and NB(MK2)

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24 Aug / 2018 1416 0

The drainage system of MX5s is well thought out and only rare gets clogged.

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13 Jun / 2017 1907 0

 for MX5/Miata MK1 NA.

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24 Aug / 2018 3149 0

The engine undertray directs the air flow to additionally cool down the engine and on the other side minimizes the air drag underneath the car.

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