New Products 2017-11-09 3175

The Jass Performance Vintage Style Bi-Layer Cluster Bezel features instrument cluster bezel for MX5 MK2, MK2.5 with integrated vintage style LED lights and decorative two tone finished elements.

It will:

  • Provide enhanced clean classic look to the instrument cluster panel in the MK1/NA Mazda MX5/Miata roadster

  • Integration to the existing Jass Performance Interior Stainless Steel  theme
  • Preserve essential functionalities:
  • Car critical panel labels are backlit
  • Safe/adequate light levels
  • Dust insulation
  • Direct integration to the existing variations of MK2 instrument clusters
  • Preserve the options for use of aftermarket needle caps, gauge rings, gauge faces etc.
  • Comes with engraved stainless center plates for the dials to bring the most out of the stock black classic gauge faces scheme

The MX5/Miata instrument clusters were available through the years and depending on the market with different warning lights.

IMPORTANT : Please check carefully the variation of the four warning lights in the middle of your dashboard, before making your purchase! If you have different combination than the ones listed in the options, let us now.

Please note, the Bi Layer Cluster Bezel is featured on some of the product pictures with the Jass Performance Stainless Gauge faces. The Bi Layer cluster bezel is sold separately from them, but delivered with own decorative metal center plates.