New Products 2017-11-09 1492

Fresh and unique console design, combines as usual the look with functionality. The Little Devil short console is available here in gloss black finish The console goes lower and as short as possible (to integrate with the carpet). Of course it changes the OEM trapezoid opening to the better looking round one. Comes with leather gaiter, aluminium sleeve, smart fitting kit for hidden installation.
This is plain version without vintage toggle switches. The Little Devil "horns", act as ergonomic and quote comfy arm rests in the first version.

The features in short:
- very short and low console in unique design
- leather wrapped with optional colour stitching
- round gear lever cut out
- ergonomic shape, optional vintage toggle switches integration

What it still has to offer:
- it comes with dedicated leather gaiter /matching the console leather of course/.
- aluminium cap finishes the gaiter, protects the leather wearing out from the gear knob
- stainless, mirror polished bezel ring finishes the round opening
- discreet installation, stainless steel installation brackets included
- fixing hardware included