All products listed on this website are designed and produced by Jass Performance. We do allow single exceptions, when we get clearly convinced about the uniqueness of a third party product and customer interest, we can deside to stock and offer them to you. The producer of these products is then clearly stated in the shop product pages. Important to note, everything is in stock, we do not dropship.

As a developer and producer we are able and are happy to offer the option to customize our products or custom design new ones to suit your needs. 

Please contact us directly in both cases, with your enquiry, and we will contact you back with the options and details.

Examples for customization of existing products are:

  • Change of cut out pattern - for example the bottom control panels, radio panels, even the cockpit surrounds.
  • Change of material used.
  • Change of the finish provided (paint colour, galvanic coating etc.)
  • Custom engraving (bottom panels, door sills etc.)
  • Everything you can think of.

Last, but not least - ideas for new products are very warm welcome and we do tend to gift our supporters with the first working prototypes or finished products. Please do not hesitate to contact us!