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Front Lower Reinforcement Brace Universal, MK1
The reinforcement brace connects the geabox/propshaft tunel at the front just below the gearbox. It ..
Jass Performance Overall - Mazda/Mazdaspeed/MX5
  These high quality working overalls are available in black, with high quality red and whit..
Heat Shield NBFL 1.8
•    The stainless steel shield is plug and play fit for the stock MK2 (2.5) exhaust ..
Crankshaft Locking Tool
  Crankshaft pulley removing tool, made to fit all mk1, mk2 & mk2.5 models, 09/1990-20..
Wheel Cap Stickers - 50mm diameter
  We have a selection of replacement 3D stickers for the most common wheel caps size - 50mm...
Hub Centric Bolt On Spacers for MX5/Miata (a pair)
  We are glad to present the Jass Performance Hub Centric Spacers - tailored to offset and a..
Alu 50mm Steering Wheel Spacer
Lighweight black aluminium anodised steering wheel spacer. Provides 50mm of extra reach to bring the..
Towing Strap
We now offer also towing straps for our towing strap mounts. They are available only in red and rate..
Radiator Cap with Thermometer
The radiator cap is direct fit for MX5s and rated at 1.1 bar. It comes with thermometer functionalit..
After months of intense testing - track and road, convinced about the quality and look of these MX5 ..
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