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Crankshaft Seal Tool - Rear
Handy and time saving tool for installation of the tricky crank shaft seal. Spot on installation eac..
Decorative M6 Stainless Bolts with Aluminium Washers
The M6x20 stainless bolts come with decorative aluminium black or red JDM labeled washers. They are ..
Engine Noise / Knock Stethoscope
As the early MX5 engines did not come with knock sensor, this reliable, inexpensive engine stethosco..
Water Temperature Sensor T-Joint Adapter
The adapter joint allows the connection of standard 1/8" NPT water temperature sensor to the front u..
Radiator Cap with Thermometer
The radiator cap is direct fit for MX5s and rated at 1.1 bar. It comes with thermometer functionalit..