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Oil Filter Tool
  The oil changes on MK1 and MK2 MX5 have been always a challenge due to the oil filter loca..
Jass Performance Stickers
The Jass Performance Logo Stickers are available in three finishes - black, silver or whit..
Mazda/Eunos Keyholder
Chrome finished keyholder with old Mazda and Eunos Logos on silver background. Nice addition to t..
Steering Wheel Badges
The Steering Wheel 3D Badges will finish the steering wheel with the Mazda MX5/Miata/Eunos theme. Su..
Decorative M6 Stainless Bolts with Aluminium Washers
The M6x20 stainless bolts come with decorative aluminium black or red JDM labeled washers. They are ..
Engine Noise / Knock Stethoscope
As the early MX5 engines did not come with knock sensor, this reliable, inexpensive engine stethosco..
Mazda Tire Valve Caps With Keyholder
Beautiful hexagon sealed valve caps with Mazda Logos in a set of four. Mazda Keyholder as a bonus. ..