Lightweight license plate brackets for MX5/Miata

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Lightweight license plate brackets for MX5/Miata

Postby jass » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:00 pm

Fortunately I don't have a picture from the original number plate brackets. I remember it was heavy, rusty, wobbly, ugly. The number plate is right in the radiator opening limiting the fresh air.
Or even worse (sure it can be worse) - your front bumper is redrilled for the license plate.

All this takes us right to the requirements for the new brackets:

- Lightweight
- Stainless
- Tight fit
- Good looking or best - hidden
- No additional redrilling

So here are the two designs. They both bolt to the both middle lowest M6 screws holding the bumper.
The first bracket is the one I have and prefer, because the brackets are hidden behind the license plate. Then, being under the bumper, they are the first thing to get scratched, this way preserving the bumper.


Downside is, it is not compatible with spoiler lip.
In this case the second bracket can be used. It could be well known from various sites, as it is often used design. This bracket utilizes existing holes and screws. The license plate position is right under the front opening, not limiting the cold air.
As the brackets are visible from the top, painting in car colour might be necessary.


Both brackets are laser cut from 2mm stainless steel and computer bended. They do fit tight and no additional redrilling is needed, as they use already existing holes and screws.
This is a comparison picture of the both brackets:

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