Jass Performance Scuttle Panel Installation

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Jass Performance Scuttle Panel Installation

Postby jass » Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:16 pm

The Jass Performance scuttle panel is made of everlasting stainless steel, consists of 3 parts with two different finishes (mirror polish and brushed stainless steel).
It will not only enhance the look of the engine bay, but also preserves two essential functions of the scuttle compartment - lets enough air to the interior and separates the interior air from the engine bay gases and temperatures.

To proceed with the installation, you need to first build together the 3 parts into one.
The middle one connects the sides, they are aligned and fixed to it with the provided 4 hex M6 screws and nuts underneath, withouth washers.

The ready panel should look similar to this (the design may vary slightly)

Now you should carefully remove the firewall seal by removing the clipses first. The clipses need to be exchanged in the next step with the provided wide head bolts.


After this is done, the panel should be positioned in the car and all the holes (front seal ones and the side fixing ones) aligned.
You can now place the side fixing bolts (M6 hex) and set the panel in place, but dont tighten them yet. You need to use the provided washers between the panel and the scuttle compartment on the right side as it is slightly lower below the horizontal scuttle panel plane.

Now place the seal with the bolts protruding through the panel and the firewall and start securing the panel with the washer/nuts underneath.


With all positioned and in place the bolts can be tightened and the panel is installed.

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